Where I came from.

Louise Barnum

Louise with chicken

I grew up in eastern North Carolina tobacco country, where my town’s claim to fame was, “you go through Kinston to get to the beach.” I went on to attend UNC Chapel Hill, where I paid my way, and after many side trips, graduated with a degree in psychology which — thank you very much! — I use everyday.

From my southern family roots, I am nurtured by a work ethic of being dependable and strong and doing what seems right. I was always the last to be chosen for an athletic event, but when the race was about planning an event, organizing folks, or needing someone to nicely say the hard stuff, guess who got picked!

During the years of growing my own family just south of Chapel Hill in Chatham County, I and a host of great parents created The Learning Community in the public schools — hands-on classrooms for 1st through 6th grades. I was a founding member of the Chatham Education Foundation and the Chatham Arts Council as well as the Chatham Home Builders Association. I learned how to bring people together to define a goal acceptable to everyone and to effectively see it to the finish. Doing this well is important and satisfying to me.

Living around Chapel Hill in the 70’s, I began to appreciate alternative thinking and living, so today I find myself working with folks who have an unusual situation or home or idea.

Getting into real estate.

In 1989 I became a partner at Weaver Street Realty, focusing my attention on Chatham County, Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and the surrounding countryside. I support agent and staff training and I've also acted as sales manager and broker-in-charge. As a partner with Weaver Street Realty, my ability as a facilitator and problem-solver meshes with my love for beautiful land and my desire to be of service. Whether it’s helping a first-time buyer, builder, or landowner who wants to subdivide, I provide dependable representation based on experience, integrity, and trust.

Call me.

So if it's time to make a move, call, text, or email me for real estate experience that is rooted in appreciation for community and for you as an individual.