Ready for a new nest?

Louise Barnum - buyers

"We always need more space!"

Are you overcrowded? Are you looking for a new house? Are your kids gone, finally? Has your family’s size changed? All of these are reasons folks look for a new place. I have lived in town and out of town, in uptown swanky and in alternative communities. And I like them all!

I look at houses with a practical eye. Having built with my own hands from scratch, I’ve learned to assess construction quality, septic issues, easements, and so much more. I will give you my honest opinion about your concerns and support you in choosing what compromises are in your best interests.

I’m prepared to help you move on. To expand or downsize. To feather your nest or leave an empty one!

Let's talk.

Louise Barnum

Our conversations will cover the basic questions, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplace, and price range. A house we can find! But more importantly, I will ask and need to hear your answers to questions such as:

  • What kinds of community do you participate in?
  • Where will you replenish yourself?
  • How far is too far for you and your lifestyle?
  • Where do you feel you could be happy?

People tell me I am especially good at listening to your needs, and then finding a good match. I won't show you lots of places that don't fit your criteria. Once we've found the right place, I'll help you negotiate all the issues in order to buy that property. These conditions — including things like due diligence, earnest money, final price, move-in date — will be outlined in the contract that we will design together. The contract is written to protect your interests and the things you are most concerned about.

It takes a team approach.

Before closing you will need to make informed decisions that involve lenders, attorneys, and a variety of specialized inspectors. You may even need well drillers, soil scientists, builders, and bug control folks. Over my career, I have worked with these professionals and the best are on my list for you to choose from. Connecting you with these folks and supporting you as you learn from their  work is another service I provide as a buyer’s agent.

Once you’ve closed and you’ve settled into your roost, I’ll still be around in your community, selling eggs and real estate. I’m hoping you’ll send your best friends and family my way to help them, too.