Coaching: Moving forward

Louise Barnum - coaching

"One's own heart is the best place to store the few things of life
that really matter." – Rudyard Kipling

North Carolina has been my home since 1952, showering me with four distinct seasons. I love each of them and the changes they bring to my awareness. The climate has certainly changed over these years – all those factors that influence my gardening- water, sunshine, clean air, and that’s just sticking to the environmental issues!

Where to start?

When is the season to move from where we’ve been to where we need to go? Moving can be from point A to point B in attitude, acceptance or simple acknowledgement. Often times we can move forward, being sure of the reason. The signs can be obvious:  a job transfer, or Granny must move in with you so very, very soon, or when space for a workshop becomes paramount. Perhaps the move is letting go or facing an issue such as easements, changes to the property next door, or unexpected surprises on your property.

Sometimes the reasons are not so clear- perhaps there is too much land and a smallish home. Friends might watch a marriage dissolving or see the signs of dear ones falling into debt or depression over difficult property issues. Aging parents may decide to move from the family home (with several generations of stuff still in the attic!), needing their grown children to become involved.

Circumstances for moving forward can also be positive, but no matter what the reason, there is typically a giant load of work to do, with real decisions to make and so much stuff to schlep. It may not be the time to “put the place on the market”. It is best to be heard and supported by an ear poised for listening and learning. Advice and coaching is helpful while planning for future value or moving towards a healthy change. In over 30 years of working, I have never had a client say they started the process too soon.

What to do?

When a move is on the horizon or you are just beginning to consider what’s next, I offer by-the-hour coaching sessions. Sessions can be requested by the movers but also by the shakers (friends, grandkids, kids) who are in a helping, concerned role. Deep problem solving, creative thinking about choices, with everyone’s needs covered, is critical to most cheerful moves. Besides bringing my thorough real estate knowledge and training as a mediator to this table, I coach with kindness, clarity, and strive to offer clear direction. Providing calm in the storm is one of my calling cards.  

I didn’t say it was easy, but you've taken the first step. Now give me a call; we can discuss working together.