I work from three offices.

Louise Barnum

I work from three offices —
including the front seat of my truck.

Louise Barnum - tools for the job

I've got the tools to get the job done.

I work by written contract, through long hours, nights and weekends, from three offices — the Weaver Street Realty office in Carrboro, my home in Silk Hope, and the front seat of my truck!

I work face-to-face best. I would prefer a phone call to email. I like to check out the terrain, peer into closets, and stand on the ground itself. And I think you’ll decide best by having your feet on solid ground as well. I appreciate your time and will provide a good deal of analysis and homework to lay out on the table early in our process.

Typically, I am paid for my services at the time of sale or closing, with money from the seller’s proceeds. Being a member of the Triangle MLS and the Alamance MLS, I can show you any property listed with any firm so you can compare all choices. I think it is important to know all the inventory so that you can make an informed decision.

For all your paperwork, I will use standard forms authorized by the NC Bar Association. I'll give you copies in advance for your reading pleasure...

As a buyer’s agent

When someone wants to buy a home or land, I am hired as a buyer’s agent to represent the interests of that buyer. I have a buyer’s agent contract for a specified amount of time or a specific property. I do not charge a retainer fee but I do ask for your loyalty in the process. I am an “Accredited Buyer’s Representative” — a designation earned through professional training to work effectively with the needs of buyers.

As a listing agent for the seller

Among the millions of realtors nationwide, I am one of a small percent who have been awarded the highest designation for residential sales — the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist). The recognition comes from years of experience and advanced training.

When I am hired to list a property to represent the interests of you, the seller, I offer a full market analysis from MLS research as well as creative advertising, sensible marketing plans, practical problem solving, and detail management.

Fees for listing, advertising, and advocating for you through closing are agreed upon in writing by contract.

As a consultant

Often I am called upon to consult using my skills and experience in other real estate endeavors. For these services a contract with fees will be agreed upon.

Advising folks on strategies for selling complicated property, working with buyers who have found a For Sale by Owner sign and who want advocacy, going through the subdivision process to create community, helping save the family farm - these are all jobs I’ve been hired to do as a consultant.

I have had opportunities to work with folks who have a vision to create something they can’t find on the open market. I was hired by Arcadia and Solterra, two of our Triangle Co-Housing Communities, to act as a buyer’s agent to find these large groups a parcel of land to build their communities.

Today the homes are complete, babies are being born, the elders are feeling cared for, and the meals in the common house kitchen offer a larger-than-life family setting.

Can you tell that I love a challenge?