Your down-to-earth realtor

Transplanting takes special care and the right combination of elements for a healthy move. I have the tools and experience to help you go through the process — whether it's joyfully finding your first home or regretfully letting go of the family farm.

Do you finally have an empty nest and want a place just for you? Do you need more space for family, gardening, or a workshop? Do you agree that choosing a piece of land to care for deserves spending some time there? Have you been in the dog house so long, it's time to move on? Or are you simply looking for a place that's a better fit for the things that are important to you now?

Would you like to work with a realtor who knows and loves the land, who has built a home by hand, restored a 1901 farmhouse and who has the imagination and hard facts to be an invaluable scout, guide, and partner?

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