Are you selling land? A chateau? a hybrid house?

Consider me your guide.

Louise Barnum - sellers


My goal is to sell your property in the time you ask for, taking care of your needs and interests all along the way.

For 25  years I have helped folks sell everything from fixer-upper cabins to custom-designed homes and everything in between. My experience with land ranges from marketing postage-size lots, to large farms, to single family neighborhoods with playgrounds and fishing ponds.

Correct pricing comes from a careful analysis of nearby places that have sold, and properties that will be in competition with yours. Evaluating the differences, similarities, and dozens of other factors, we will agree to a plan for pricing and finding the right buyer. I will advise you about preparing your property for folks to see it. I'll suggest things that will help your sale, as well as noting the work that is not necessary to do.

Defining what makes a property special so it stands out from the crowd is the first step towards successful marketing. As your place is shown, I’ll share the comments from buyers and agents so together we can make a change if necessary. If your hand needs holding during these discussions, I’ll be right there, and if it’s a clear directive, I’ll deliver that too. You have hired me to do a job I want to complete.

When offers come in, I will negotiate from your side of the table. Once we have a contract, only about a quarter of my work is actually complete. There will be inspections, negotiations for repairs, appraisals, insurance, and survey questions — a lot of details to facilitate. I will be there with you, leading you to a successful closing and troubleshooting all the way.

Questions are good.

Many questions will come up — some you have considered already and others maybe you have not anticipated. I can help navigate through these and keep you on course.

  • How do you make a house look its best when you need to be packing to move?
  • How do you buy your next place when the current home hasn’t closed?
  • What does “contingent sale” mean? Contract pending? Taking backup offers?
  • What if there are survey issues, structural problems, or contaminated water?

I will answer questions like these and help you coordinate  the steps of moving out and moving in, so that everyone can breathe more easily.